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Welcome to worldpeace inc. / 株式会社ワールドピース


At the time the internet was still a dial-up connection, we created and published our website.



We opened the clothing store at Miyako island in Okinawa, and EC site on the internet, however, there was no shopping cart function at the time, we sold the items via email or phone.

衣料品店の実店舗オープン / 健康食品のECサイト オープンしましたが、ショッピングカート機能はまだなく、メールや電話にて受注を受けていました。


Established King and Queen International Inc. We had run clothing stores and online store until 2018.

株式会社 King and Queen International として法人化し、2018年まで複数の衣料品店と共にオンラインショップを運営しておりました。


We closed the clothing stores and shifted main business to IT and Design.



We changed the company name from King and Queen International Inc. to worldpeace Inc. which has been our company domain on the internet since 2000.

会社名を2000年より使用していたドメイン worldpeace.jp と同じ株式会社ワールドピース へ変更

2019 – present

worldpeace Inc. started a new business to creating websites, supporting, planning and producing for the companies and stores.


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Since 1998

Story of Us

1998, In the very beginning, we moved to Miyako island from Fukuoka, rented a 50-year-old vacant house started a bead accessory maker called King and Queen. Bead accessories were placed at hotels and souvenir shops on Miyako island.

We saved money and opened a small clothing store on the first floor of an apartment in Hirara in 2000.

At the same time, we started selling Fucoidan, healthy foods, and Miyako island local products on the website. Since the internet was still dial-up and there was no shopping cart function, the products were sold via e-mail or telephone.

In 2005 we returned to Fukuoka, established the company name King and Queen International, we started to run several clothing stores in the suburbs of Fukuoka until 2016.

Because our sons had been also tennis players dreaming to become professionals, we lived in Kurume, Yufuin, Hakata, and California in the United States to have tennis matches every weekend.

In 2016, we integrated multiple stores into Mochihama and closed it in 2018.

We changed the name of the company to worldpeace Inc. same as our domain, changed our nature of business from importing clothing and retailing them to IT-related business such as making websites and Designs.

In 2018, we run into Yamecha and has been focusing on promoting Yamecha in earnest not only in Japan but also around the world.

In 2019, opened an office in Miyaki-cho, Miyaki-gun, Saga Prefecture.

In the same year, our original product “38-Sanpachi” the Aojitu was released. The ingredients of 38-Sanpachi are all grown, harvest, and made in Japan. 50% high-quality Matcha, 50% young barley leaves also grown and harvest in Yame.

We have been selling Fucoidan, healthy foods online since 2000. We strictly concern about the product’s place of origin, raw materials, quality and we always try first to eat or drink them by ourselves and recommend to customers only the ones that we love.

Since 2018, worldpeace Inc. designs, plans, produces, products for clients and companies.
We also provide IT and marketing support services such as the overseas expansion of Japanese products and transactions in English.
Please feel free to contact us.


株式会社ワールドピースは、1999年に福岡から宮古島の築50年の古い空き家を借り、King and Queen というビーズアクセサリーメーカーが始まりです。



2005年に福岡に戻ると2006年にKing and Queen を株式会社KING and QUEEN International として法人化、2015年まで福岡近郊で数店舗の服飾店を経営しました。






また同年、ワールドピースから八女茶のオリジナル商品『38-三八』を発売開始。最高級緑茶である一番てん茶のお抹茶とこちらももちろん八女産大麦若葉贅沢に50% 50%配合した高級青汁を制作・販売開始致しました。



Who We Are

MaSa - Men's Fashion Design, Consultant, Producer, Father, C.E.O
Rieko - Writer, Mother, Manager
Big D - Design, Marketing, Tennis Player
Ryuma - Design, System engineer, Tennis Player
Sam - Writer, Musician, Tennis player

Our History

1999 - 2000 : Accessory Maker, Japanese Fucoidan Wholesale & Retailer
2000 - 2018 : Fashion Stores
2018 - Present : Design, IT, Consultant, Japanese Fucoidan and Yamecha wholesale & Retail

Our Vision

Happy & Supportive ONE PEACE WORLD.

meet the team

Our Team

Our Team is multitalented with the variety of skills and experience

asam sampeimukai worldpeace3 5自分でデザインした服を作ってくれる


CEO / Designer
worldpeace fashion7


Manager / Writer


UI Designer / Front end engineer / Package Designer
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Logo Designer / Package Designer / System Engineer / Back end engineer
asam sampeimukai worldpeace3


Writer / Musician / Analist