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38-Sanpachi by MUKOH Matcha

Matcha / Young Barley Grass

Highest Quality Fucoidan


MUKOH Matcha

Green Tea & Matcha

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FUCOXANTHIN EX - Low Molecular Weight Japanese Fucoxanthin Soft Capsules

WORLDPEACE Inc. highly recommends this new Fcoxanthin Product
because of not only it’s convenient capsule type but also it’s quality and value.
FucoxanthinEX 1capsule contains fucoxanthin much the same as 250ml of Seafucoidan.
Recommended daily intake of FucoxanthinEX


SEA FUCOIDAN DX - Low Molecular Weight & High Molecular Weight Mixed Fucoidan Beverage

SEA FUCOIDAN DX is a brand new and version up SEA FUCOIDAN. SEA FUCOIDAN DX is also a type of low-molecular-weight Fucoidan Beverage but SEA FUCOIDAN DX contains high-molecular-weight Fucoidan too.


AKAMOKU FUCOIDAN JELLY - High Molecular Weight Fucoidan Jelly

Hattoriya Akamoku Fucoidan is a fucoidan supplement with Matcha, Bcaa, Hyaluronic acid, Citric acid. Fucoidan extracted from natural Akamoku picked by the diver. The Akamoku can be picked only three months a year. Matcha which used in this item, is the highest grade of green tea which has a lot of nutrition. We chose Yame Matcha, the very famous green tea produce place. This Akamoku Fucoidan supplement is Genuine, Authentic Made in Japan and it’s 15g x 30 sticks jelly form. Very abundant Fucoidan 1,000ml per 1 stick. Take 1 to 3 sticks daily for your health.

worldpeace Inc. Japanese Fucoidan Products SEA FUCOIDAN DX

Low Molecular Weight Fucoidan – Sea Fucoidan, Sea Fucoidan DX, Sea Fucoidan DX Capsules, High Molecular Weight Fucidan – Akamoku Fucoidan Jelly by worldpeace Inc. Fucoidan

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Sea Fucoidan DX - Sea Fucoidan DX is Ultra Low Molecular Weight Fucoidan Beverage which has been best seller of Japanese Fucoidan since 1998.
seafucoidandx900 madeinjapan
Fucoxanthin EX - Fucoxanthin is very rare and valuable ingredient. worldpeace Inc. recommend to take Fucoxanthin Capsules with Fucoidan Beverage SEA FUCOIDAN DX.
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Akamoku Fucoidan Jelly - Akamoku Fucoidan Jelly is a High Molecular Weight Fucoidan. The ingredient is all Made in Japan.
Akamoku Fucoidan Jelly