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worldpeace inc. is Made in Japan products retailor of the southern part of Japan. We introduce Japanese famous green tea brand Yame-cha, or Japanese famous product, or the crafts made by skilled craftsmen. We have been a trustworthy company for more than 20 years, always introduce Japanese highest quality products.

SEA FUCOIDAN DX - Low Molecular Weight & High Molecular Weight Mixed Fucoidan Beverage

SEA FUCOIDAN DX is a brand new and version up SEA FUCOIDAN. SEA FUCOIDAN DX is also a type of low-molecular-weight Fucoidan Beverage but SEA FUCOIDAN DX contains high-molecular-weight Fucoidan too.
●Made in Japan
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Reasons for choosing Fucoidan from World Peace Co., Ltd.

AKAMOKU FUCOIDAN JELLY - High Molecular Weight Fucoidan Jelly

Hattoriya Akamoku Fucoidan is a fucoidan supplement with Matcha, Bcaa, Hyaluronic acid, Citric acid. Fucoidan extracted from natural Akamoku picked by the diver. The Akamoku can be picked only three months a year. Matcha which used in this item, is the highest grade of green tea which has a lot of nutrition. We chose Yame Matcha, the very famous green tea produce place. This Akamoku Fucoidan supplement is Genuine, Authentic Made in Japan and it's 15g x 30 sticks jelly form. Very abundant Fucoidan 1,000ml per 1 stick. Take 1 to 3 sticks daily for your health.
This jelly type Fucoidan is Non Sugar.
Per 1 stick (15g)
Akamoku Extract 1,000mg Matcha Powder 100mg BCAA 100mg Hyaluronic Acid 2mg Citric Acid 15mg
No Sugar
No Coler
No Preservatives
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AKAMOKU FUCOIDAN JELLY - High Molecular Weight Fucoidan Jelly

Sanpachi 100% Made in Japan Matcha Green Juice

Sanpachi aimed for producing the best Aojiru (Green juice) totally Made in Japan, Genuine and Authentic, good for the body and the best ingredients. YAME is the most famous GYOKURO (High-Class GREEN TEA) production area in southern part of Japan. As the world knows, GREEN TEA has a lot of nutritions. 38-Sanpachi chose THE BEST of THE BEST MACHA of Japan and mixed with very fresh Young Barley Grass which also GROWN and HARVESTED in YAME . Matcha and Young Barley Grass contain rich Vitamins, Dietary Fiber and Minerals. Dink 1 or 2 packs per day with water, hot water or in a smoothie for your health. We ship 38-Sanpachi to worldwide. 38-Sanpachi is recommended for those who want to take nutritional ingredients such as Vitamins, Dietary fiber, Catechin, and Retinol from natural sources, as a GIFT for loved ones, to maintain your health, to those who are lacking in vegetables. Take 38-Sanpachi in the early morning, with a greasy dish, after a meal before meals and before going to bed.
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Reasons for choosing

Since GREEN TEA also contains tannin, caffeine effects are much slower than such as coffee.
・Reduce fatigue
・Reduce sleepiness
・Improve excercise control